July 30, 2013

  • Just Look For the Dust

    She stayed away,
    for weeks
    hoping the day would come
    and pass without notice.

    she can be dangerous,
    her blindfold a bogus comfort.

    She never really meant to forget.

    Sun was setting
    and despite the impending darkness
    she refused to make other provisions.

    Until that twist of panic
    won over, she strained to see
    the way before her.

    Not knowing
    tends to distort the horizon.

    If the trail fades away
    and another path must be taken,
    she hopes to see you somewhere down her red dirt road.

    Just look for the dust.

    I had not planned on creating a new blog location, but the coyotes are howling and I would hate to lose you lovely mangy varmints.  We’ve traveled a long time together.  Shared the same canteen, washed the grit off in the same watering hole.  If this watering hole doesn’t dry up completely, then I will continue to kick up the dust here.


    I’ve not been able to settle in and hang pretties on the wall, as of yet.  Not for lack of trying.  WordPress is moving like molasses in January and keeps locking up.  I paid my $99, but still have ads and do not seem to have the freedom to customize my front page header with my own photos.  I know I have been foggy here of late, but I’m struggling to figure it all out.  Mostly because it keeps locking up and won’t let me click where I need to click.  And what are those green underlined links on the words of my post? I am open to any advise and insight.  Otherwise, WP is going to get a taste of my inner Yosemite Sam.  *kick grumble spit* 

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  • I’m there as guestbrief… hang tough lady!

  • Gotcha.Admittedly, fiddling around with WP makes me feel a bit more along the lines of Elmer Fudd than Yosemite Sam. -_-

  • I’ll be on WP as slmret if Xanga 2.0 doesn’t launch.

  • That’s a great photo and poem, Tamy — Wishing you the best in your endeavors — your search for the perfect home, and your health!  I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, even just a little bit!

  • mlbncsga@gmail ,  I haven’t ventured over to wordpress other than to set up an account mlbncsga@wordpress  I’m still hoping xanga works out, I do not like change…but sometimes you have to do what you have to do…I sure do love a red dirt road !

  • Hi Tamy,  that’s why I don’t like/do wordpress.  Every time I have been there it has what I call ‘gummed up’ my computer. I get very aggravated when my computer won’t function.  It’s bad enough when I won’t function.

  • Tamy, I don’t even know where to begin or how to even say goodbye.  You have been an inspiration to me, for your positive thoughts, loving words, and sunshiny outlook on life through everything.  I love you.

  • This is the exact reason I’m holding off until I am forced to try WP – it is just so hard to say goodbye. I will check on the red dust cloud hanging over that WP site of yours! I’m hoping come Thursday my future post is up and Xanga 2.0 is alive!!!

  • The underlined words are from spyware/adware on your own computer. You can delete the junk in your browser settings. I’m over at WordPress too, makingitcomplicated

  • Lovely thoughts from the wild, western beauty of Xanga ♥ May your heart continue to thrive in all that matters most to you. I won’t be blogging anymore or elsewhere. But know we will continue our friendship via FB. Best wishes always Tamy! ♥

  • On WordPress if you click on the Help and Support…I’ve seemed to find the answers to all my questions so far! I don’t remember Xanga being that difficult to adjust to. ??? But, slowly I’m adapting to WP.Tamy, you have always added strength, beauty, wisdom, fun, and joy to Xanga! You have given so much of yourself here! You are loved and much appreciated!The tears are flowing today for me. Thank you for putting up with me…The Mangiest of the Mangy Varmits. Love and as always…HUGS!!!

  • I kind of wish the Xanga Team hadn’t mentioned WordPress in their original post. Everyone seems to have jumped over there, and I don’t want to go there. It’s like all my friends have moved to another school district. I just don’t deal with change very well. I’ll figure out what to do if Xanga 2.0 doesn’t happen, but I’m pretty confident it will happen.

  • love the poem-you’re so witty-see you on Facebook.

  • Hi Tamy!Here are my links and I would like very much you consider me your Friend so we could keep in touch!http://whatawonderfulnewworld.wordpress.com/http://whatawonderfulnewworld.blogspot.pt/https://www.facebook.com/isabel.dailyphotosI already bookmarked your blog at WordPress (those WordPress themes are hard to customize…)I hope to see you soon wherever you prefer!If not…Thank you for sharing your world! I hope you have a WONDERFUL LIFE!GOD BLESS YOUIsabel

  • Dear Tamy,Hey, this looks familiar. Didn’t I just read this somewhere.Oh, guess I didn’t “recommend” it. Yet.Michael F.Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  • (pats heart, and points to the red road. puts on hat and walks toward “what’s next”) You are a shining star. Keep gleaming, Tamy!

  • A wonderful photo and poem… Best of luck. peace always

  • The green underlines just indicate a grammar problem I believe.  As to changing any part of your theme, click on Appearance on your dashboard side pannel (gray and to the left).  A list of theme segments pops up.  Click on the one you want to change… header or background or whatever.  Halfway down the new page that comes up, go to Select Image and it gives the option of browsing for one on your own computer, choosing one  you’ve already uploaded, or picking a generic default image.  So what did you pay $99 for?

  • @Tempguestbrief - Thank you, Rhonda!  The news looked good for 2.0!@Lakakalo -  I’m feeling a little Elmer Fudd myself.  @slmret - Thank you, Janet!  The news looks good for xanga 2.0 this morning!  *happiness*@mlbncsga - So happy you like traveling my red dirt road with me. @buddy71 - Thank you!  We can be a bit more extravagant with xanga 2.0 around the corner.  I wonder if all of those credits transfer over or if there will even be credits in the 2.0 version. @JstNotherDay - It’s probably my redneck internet just not being to support the high tech energy in the editor. I don’t have any issue when I am on the actual wp sites.  The news looked good this morning for xanga 2.0. I am so excited! @heart_beep - I love you, Jill. No good-byes.  I miss you terribly.  @murisopsis - The news looked good this morning for xanga 2.0!!!!  *happiness* @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - Thank you for the info!  You make it sound so easy, but my technical deficient self may have to fumble my way through it.  @armnatmom - I love you, Kathy.  Thank you for your sweet words.  The news looked good for 2.0 this morning!!!!@adamswomanback - You make me cry love tears.  Thank you. @saintvi - The news looked good for 2.0 this morning!!!!!  I am so tickled, relieved, happy. @KarensPotpourri2 - Thank you, Karen!  I am glad we will be able to keep in touch. @WhataWonderfulNewWorld - Thank you, Isabel!  Life is indeed wonderful, friend. @Donkey_Guy_10 - The news was good for 2.0 this morning.  I shall do the donkey dance with you! @baldmike2004 - Two blogs, how does one do such a thing?  hahaha!  @Jaynebug - I am so honored you walk with me on my red dirt road.   You have added much richness to my soul.@peacenow - Thank you. You always bring such a gentleness to this place.  Much love to you!

  • @Ampbreia - Thank you for all the info! The green lines are links to ads connected to the word they linked.  Still working on getting rid of that chaos. That is not a wp issue.  I already discovered the available themes, but my redneck internet is having trouble supporting it.  I might wait until we are at the hotel this weekend and pick a theme.  I paid $99 so I wouldn’t have ads.  And I guess I don’t on my actual wp page, but they seem to still appear in the editor. (the naked guy with the beer belly)  I will check again later today.  Maybe they needed to have the cc clear first.  hahaha!  Also, so I can use my own photo creations in my header.   Are you over at wp under your xanga name?

  • @saintvi - I’m hoping a lot of my friends will come back.  I miss them.  Glad you’re still here.

  • It’s weird that you’re seeing ads.  I don’t have that issue, and I’m using the basic free service.As far as customizing your theme goes, I think it depends on exactly what theme you’re using.  Some themes are only customizable if you pay for them, but sometimes you’ll get lucky and find one that lets you do as you please with no extra monetary hassle.  I’ll dig through and try to find you a couple, if you like.

  • I hope you are well.  I set up a basic blog for free but I don’t like WordPress at all.

  • I haven’t had the problems you mention. But I use Firefox or Chrome with Adblock, so I don’t get ads anywhere. I haven’t tried to customize my front page over there; I just grabbed a format that had a big font and used it. It is clumsy finding your way around over there, but there are solutions somewhere.

  • I haven’t gone to wordpress. I don’t like change, either and am quite comfy here. It’s just that I’ve been kind of busy with my mom and her cancer, etc.

  • I’ll help you redecorate–we can learn together! :)

  • @WildWomanOfTheWest - What a kind thing to say. Thank you… It looks like we will still be here …. or the new here… Wow.  

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