October 25, 2013

  • Little Corners of Glory

    I feel like I’ve been unpacking forever.

    The tedious part of moving.

    It seems I am just making a mess, so I move slow, finding the perfect place for everything.

    I have too many things, I am finding.

    The kitchen is pretty much set up.

    The bathrooms are functioning, two are actually decorated.

    This is the part I enjoy,
    creating little corners of glory
    with beautiful pieces from friends.







    wild woman signature

    Crows and Sunflowers by Ocean Starr Cline
    Sunflowers and Chili Peppers by Dona, my fbb
    Abandoned Oklahoma Homes series by John E. Glaze

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  • Oh that is sad. My banner is all crunched. :(

  • Good to see you, Tamy — I love this corner of friends’ art! Unpacking is a daunting job, but it looks as if you are enjoying the things you are finding!

  • It looks like you have been very successful with that glorious corner!

  • Those rooms look clear and … welcoming!! :-) :)
    Take your time, Tamy . Here we are not entirely recovered of the repeated prevuious moves!!

  • Beautiful!

  • looks good and are you in Texas now?

    • Hey Jill, I just figured out how to reply to comments through the dashboard, sorry it has taken me so long! We sold the ranch, but are still living in Oklahoma. We needed to help our two youngest daughters transition into this adulthood thing. We still plan on moving to Arizona, but it will have to wait a bit longer.

  • This is all so very coolly pretty

  • So it seems you have moved. Sold your ranch did you? The corner of friends looks very good.

    • I think I just discovered how to reply to comments, through the dashboard. I can be rather slow with technology. haha! Anyway, we have sold Watering Hole Ranch to a beautiful young couple and have moved about two and half hours from WHR, still in Oklahoma. We felt our two youngest daughters needed some extra help transitioning. My soul and body still long for the desert, but my heart is that of a momma.

  • Beautiful! I love the way you’ve done your home. It’s gahgeous, dahling!

    I have been on a red kick as of late. I want RED everything! I don’t know why. Maybe I just want color in what seems to be an otherwise dreary season. But the more I look at your sunflowers, the more I think I need splashes of yellow mixed in with my red.

  • Wonderful corner with wonderful things! peace always

  • Love all the art!! Sorry your banner is crunched up. :(

    What is a fbb?

    • I think I just finally figured out how to reply to comments! hahaha! You have to go through the dashboard. Anyway, fbb is a typo. It should read bff.

  • Taking the time help one get to know the space they live in.

  • @Texasjillcarmel and @ZSA_MD: We have sold the ranch and are still living in Oklahoma, about two and half hours from Watering Hole Ranch. We felt our two youngest daughters needed some more help transitioning. (I can’t seem to figure out how to properly reply to comments on the xanga 2.0)

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