August 7, 2013

  • Let There Be Cast Iron


    Lucy is on roller skates delivering jars of homemade salad dressing with a shopping cart.  And Ricky stands on the side shaking his head.  She never fails to make me laugh.  Even after all these years. 

    I think Ricky and my Hunky have a lot in common.  Though I do believe I have slowed down a bit, I still keep him on his toes.  I say it’s a good thing.

    My Skillet: Rise dvd came in the mail today.  Unwrapped and shoved into the same box as the vacuum cleaner I ordered.  The cover is cracked, but so am I, so it’s all good.

    I picked some sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions and cayenne peppers this morning.  Pico de gallo will be waiting for my Hunky when he returns.  I am loving my redneck garden beds, but I do think they need to be deeper for my sweet peppers.  My plants are not able to grow as tall and full, though they are still producing good fruit. 

    I had one lone tomato plant reseed itself in the ground beds from last year. I have never had that happen before.  Beautiful plant and the fruit is looking good.  Ah, the glory of nature.

    I had a sweet online talk with one of my daughters last night. She is a second year apprentice for an equine/camp program.  They are facing the challenge of replacing the hay and buildings they lost after a summer volunteer purposefully set three of the barns on fire.  All of the horses were out to pasture, but the small animals were in the Critter Corral barn and burned to death.  Makes me dizzy to think about it.

    Our youngest son is working at Ransom Wind Ranch in western Oklahoma that was born out of this particular program.  He will get to travel with Lew Sterrett on a trial basis to see if he is a good fit. This is a freaking awesome opportunity! 

    On another happy note, the potential buyers found the extra funds they need for closing costs/down payment and have signed our counter offer.  We have signed the offer paperwork for the downsizing property near Tulsa.  If they accept, we will close September 23rd. 

    I am happy.  I can feel her giddiness.  She adores this place.  This is a good thing.

    And I am excited for the next leg of the journey.  The drop in mortgage, will allow us to hire a lawn service, which will free up so much of my Hunky’s time.  We have a lot of fence line to care for and my ocd likes it clean.  With all of our boys out of the house now, it’s just too hard to keep up.  Me and my weak-kneed self can now only handle the riding mower and there are days even that is more than I can handle.  

    If the buyers want to keep my horses, then they will stay here.  Yes, we’ve been down this boo-hoo road before. Lots of tears, but I do believe they will be happier here with plenty of room to graze.  If not, then I will take it they are to remain with me.  I will be okay.  I will be okay.  I will be okay.

    I am so looking forward to customizing the kennel by adding play yards, heat/air, doggie wash station.

    The hen house.  *giddiness*

    The red shop building is already insulated and has an office.  I have plans, but I am not sharing them yet.

    And that pool.  Here in Oklahoma, we should easily be able to take a few dips before October.  At the very least, I can sit on the side and dip my toes while cabana boy brings me a fruity drink.  Okay, no cabana boy.  Maybe I can talk Cactus Jack into being my cabana boy.

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  • So glad it’s all working out!Your new home looks lovely.Oh that I could visit and hang by that pool with you.  *sighsSo, so, terrible about the burning of the barns, and the poor critters…   Dare I ask what critters they were?  Is this a summer program meant to help disturbed children?  So tragic.

  • I like that store. I have electric range and I like gas so much more.Cabana boy is funny.

  • @JstNotherDay - Thank you, and it would be delightful to have you sit by the pool with me.  The poor critters that burned were some calves, goats, rabbits and such.  They use them for the campers as a petting zoo.  My oldest daughter ran the Critter Corral one summer and she put together lessons for the campers to go along with the animals. It’s just breaking my heart.  As for the camp, it is for all kids, open to special needs children.  @Texasjillcarmel - I’ve yet to ask Jack if he will be my cabana boy.  Knowing him, I will end up bringing him doggie snacks while HE lounges by the pool. 

  • I’m happy for you! Seems there is always a plan and a time – everything working to everyone’s best interest… (can you see my smile?)

  • Good vibes all around. I will add mine to the mix… Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Good for you!  I love it when a plan comes together, and it doesn’t matter if it’s yours or mine!  I love to see good plans work out for good people!!

  • I’m so happy and excited for you. But now you’ve got me all curious about your plans for the office space, you tease. lol 

  • I’m so jealous of your new old stove! 

  • Congratulations on the house sale!

  • @murisopsis - I can most definitely FEEL your smile. @Aloysius_son - hahaha, thank you. @Such_are_you - Thank you for celebrating with me! @BohemianLotus - hahaha! You know I usually tell you behind the scenes stuff.  I haven’t even told Macy, yet!  @saintvi - Isn’t it glorious?!!!@sonnetjoy - Thank you!

  • Glad you got an old stove. Tomato seeding from the previous year… that happened to me one year. I was so happy too. Glad things are going according to your wishes as far as mortgages etc. are going.

  • Both of my LA sisters have gorgeous old gas ranges in perfect condition. I was envious.It looks like the Pryor property is a major change from the Watering Hole. My biggest regret is that you weren’t there these past ten years when I was driving from Dallas to Siloam Springs twice a year and going within five miles of Pryor (69 to 412 and vice-versa). I would love to take my kids to see you.But I can understand the downsizing and wanting more time free from chores. Our plan is to sell our huge house and buy a place closer to work and needing less work so we can have more time together.

  • And the only Lew Sterrett I know is the Dallas County jail.

  • If Jack is going to be your cabanna boy, what’s left for Hunky? I understand about hiring lawn service. Husband & I broke down this year & hired a nice, young, easy on the eyes man, to mow/weed eat our yard. I’m loving it! More so when I’m at home & can slighly watch his progress thru sunroom windows.

  • Jack as a Cabana boy *snicker*So happy for you momma. Can’t wait to see what you do with all the nooks and crannies of the new place. :)

  • Hope everything falls in place for you for the real estate deal. That is horrible that someone would deliberately set fire to barns!! I wonder what their punishment will be??My garden is a little behind, so I have lots of green cherry tomatoes.  We need it to stay hot so they ripen.  So far I got a grand total of 5, which I split between me and Larry in salads.  It did get a couple handfuls of green beans.  Just trying stuff to get it tweaked for next year, Lord willing.  Some critter pulled up 2 of my cauliflower plants and the other 2 are doing so-so.  

  • hope your potential buyer would soon return and sign the agreement for that counter offer.  this way you can start getting busy in making your plans come true ;)

  • Hey, Lucy!!! I love the stove! Ha, remember when they were baking bread in Lucy’s oven!?! So glad to hear things are progressing!I continue to pray as your journey continues!HUGS!!!

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