November 4, 2013

  • Not To Mention All Those Muscles

    Cactus Jack 049

    Oh Jack, you is so handsome.

    It’s not right to hog all that handsomeness.

    You need to share it with some of the ugly dogs.

    Update: We are slowly settling in to our little place here on five acres. I am liking it way more than I thought I would. Even all these monstrous trees are taking on a less dominating spirit. I am hoping to capture a bit of their Autumn glory, if the sun holds out for me.

    Another change I didn’t expect, we are more than likely going to change churches. This breaks my heart, I adore Victory for its beautiful spirit to love the peoples without judgment. In my BIG DREAMS thinking, I really thought we could make the five hour round trip every Sunday, but my body tells me otherwise. Thankfully, I have been able to livestream, but it’s not the same as being with the peoples.

    So, we checked out a LifeChurch in Broken Arrow, only thirty plus minutes away. It knocked my equilibrium a bit. Not expecting to be moved. I mean, seriously, it was one of those soul shaking moments. At the same time, my heart was grieving, for I knew it was time to release a place that has allowed God to bring much healing to my soul. A place that restored my heart for gathering together. A place that proved to me, Christians can come together without judgment and manipulation. It’s not really a giving it up, as much as it is a time to walk onward. We really are one.

    It’s kind of the same thing with Xanga. This place has been such a source of love and laughter for me, but I feel as though I am lost. I can’t really find my place here in the new Xanga 2.0. Maybe it’s just me and the season I am currently fumbling through. And the fact that I am totally technologically inept. I am not ready to walk onward yet. I am holding out and hoping I eventually find my groove. I thank you for being so patient with me.

    Well, there are ten more boxes out there calling my name and I hope to conquer them by the end of the day. And hang the photos in the hallway. And go play in the Autumn sunshine. I love you, peoples.

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  • Oh Tamy! The moving to a new church is difficult but maybe you are meant to take that part of the Victory congregation that was so dear to you and bring it to this new place. It might be your turn to show others how it is supposed to be… As for Xanga and their new digs – I’m chugging along and I have to keep telling my self that it is the people that make it home – not the wallpaper! Having you here makes it feel right!

  • Good to see you here, Tamy! This new Xanga is very different, and not easy to fine one’s groove. I’m glad, though, that you’ve decided to hold out and stick with us. As Val said, I, too, am chugging along — I still like this as a place to share my adventures and my photos!

    Change always involves more than one anticipates — I’d rather not hear about all that driving, and hope that you can find a church that does for you what Victory has done. I’m glad that you’re otherwise settling in so nicely and enjoying your new home. (And thanks for the shot of Jack — that makes it feel like home!)

  • Hi Tamy! So nice to have you back around. It doesn’t feel like ‘home’ without you. :-)
    Maybe by the time things get settled down in your new home, new Xanga will be more amenable too. I think they are trying. I’ve seen little changes here and there along the way. The biggest thing they need to improve, and I hope that they do, is the interchange of replying to comments. If they get that done by the time you are free to come back…
    Well, we’ll see. I do hope we will all be back to the way we once were, eventually.
    Glad you are liking your new home so much. I never did hear where you ended up, i.e., if you are still in Oklahoma.
    Hugs and blessings to you,

  • Glad to see you on here! You have to do what works for you.
    No, I would not drive 5 hours to a church either. :)
    I had to make a change from South Jersey to here in 1990, trying to find the right church fit.
    We are going to a smaller one now, after going to a large one for over 20 years and Elita grew up there.
    We visited 12 different churches when I first moved here then before we settled on one.
    Now we are in a smaller one and will be able to help them in any way we can. I am just glad to be able to go to church every Sunday since I worked every weekend.
    You will find the right one. :)

  • oh, Tami, don’t give up on us. I’m hoping that it will pick up here on Xanga 2.0
    we just need to stick it out together.
    How many dogs do you have left?
    we still have 5 dogs.
    That is hard to lose a church and the fellowship. I’m lucky that we have a church on every corner I our town.

  • I feel the same way about Xanga now. But I am hanging on, hoping that I will become more comfortable with it.

  • The new xanga is a bit hard for me to get used to but I am managing. I hope the place of worship is good for you. I have recently found a place to callnchurch home and it is the first one I have ever liked. Hope yousettle in here as well as your ne home and church.

  • Moving is challenging; moving house, moving church, moving blog (say it isn’t so). Have in there. Praying the dust settles soon and you start feeling more at home!!

  • I’m delighted that you’re finding the new place to be home, and that you’ve found a church that quickly.

    Xanga feels like a beloved and rapidly shrinking trailer park, where there are still many good friends but every time a trailer is vacated they haul it away and move the fences closer. I’ve been enjoying WordPress a lot. It’s not Xanga but it’s good. But my community is mostly Facebook now.

  • Mornin Glorie…I think Jack is so handsome because he is loved so much…all the ugly dogs just need a little love. When we moved I had to change from the church I grew up in…it was really hard, I felt like a traitor, but we found a good Church full of good peoples and we are family now, you’ll find the right place, because you are good peoples too!

    I do hope you’ll always be here at xanga, I don’t like change but this is still more familiar than the other blogging sites…

    “Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.”
    ― Maya Angelou


  • Finding a new church that moves you is a very big deal. As for Xanga… It’s so different. I don’t have the comfort here in the new one I had in the old one. peace always

  • But Tamy we always thinkn= of you. You are an exemple for us and your witings are so ful of humaneness and faith .
    In advance i wish to you both a happy Christmas .

  • I wish you the best for the new year, Tamy.

  • Worrying, we miss you,Tamy

  • Please,Tamy give some news . Where are you?

  • How are you ?

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