August 17, 2013

  • The Scrubbing of Stains

    This is a new thing for me
    this lounging to the roar of the john deere

    I take it all in
    the hum
    the sky
    the glories of cut grass

    is there anything more dizzy
    than the smell of green

    yes, I could get used to this
    side of mowing

    it’s always been therapy
    the noise
    deafening the uglies in my head

    but, like all things
    change is here, and
    releasing must take place
    lest my knees be permanently grass stained

    let go or be drug, dragged?
    who cares

    during my lounging
    I found myself smiling at the sun
    you know, big toothy grin smile

    who freaking smiles at the sun

    he was feeling giddy, the sun
    eighties in August just doesn’t happen
    in this red barren land

    I drink it in
    all this lush green
    like a smoothie for the soul

    #23 grass
    anvilsandedelweiss august scavenger hunt

    anyway, seems I may not be dying. for the last few days I have not been able to partake of fortification
    made myself laugh
    my meds ran out, as well as my doctor and I have yet to switch to another one since we will be moving
    so I thought I could just temporarily use an over the counter for a couple of months. seems I can’t take pill for pill. my hunky researched and discovered I need to take four to one.

    it’s after 5pm and I have not been wincing in pain,
    nor tossed my tostada. *happy sigh*

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  • I love your poemy poem! I like how you ended it…the comparison as “a smoothie for the soul”! I love the smells of summer…especially the fresh mown grass! And grass-stained pants or knees are the best! Well…I smile at the sun! I love it’s feel on my face! (And don’t tell anyone…but sometimes I talk to it, too!)I’m sorry you’ve been near dying. I’m glad things are better today and you didn’t toss your tostada! HUGS!!!

  • This is wonderful . And I know! We’ve had an amazingly mild summer with lots of rain. peace always

  • Glad your pain has lessened.  I love the smell of new-mown grass.

  • I sympathize with you about the OTC drugs. My MIL though she could take an OTC drug – she ended up in the hospital. Seems that the meds for her bleeding ulcer were much more specific to her condition than she thought. She was able to use some Prilosec but has to take double the amount listed on the box….I’m glad to hear you are feeling a little better!

  • It is good therapy to lounge to the noise of the John Deere. I used to drive one to help Dad on the farm. It was a sound I still remember. I prefer the little putt-putts to the huge tractors they have on the farms these days. I hope you can stay pain free. I think the smell of freshly mowed grass is good for pain too.

  • For me it’s a toss up-smell of freshly mowed grass or rain. Glad you are having some relief

  • I know an old song saying : ” lying  in the hay with only the sky to witness….and I have to say the smell of the grass freshly cut makes me drunk. Yes !Love Michel

  • “who freaking smiles at the sun”I do. It is a rather glorious August!  I’m glad you are getting to enjoy it some.  Sounds like it’s been bad lately, physically.  (((hugs)))

  • I am glad you are feeling better Tamy. I am embarrassed to say that I wasn’t aware you were under the weather. OTC drugs are only half the strength of the prescribed meds, and sometimes even less. Hope you can find a good physician to take care of you when you move. Lovely poem. We have had some very balmy days here with temps in the seventies. But this week they are predicting 80 plus days. We need some rain.

  • I love mowing grass but not when it gets crunchy.  Mowed a few days ago while it was still soft.  We have been fortunate to get much needed rain but the last half of this month looks like it is going to be crunchy.  Hope you keep getting stronger.  I was supposed to go to Zumba today but right thigh joint is acting up.  Think I overdid pool exercises yesterday so the next time I go I will just walk back and forth in it.  Should be good for Wed. with Jorge.  

  • I’m glad you’re not dieing and it made me laugh,too.I have shingles of the buttock so I know pain,too. Can you have it for 4 months? the dr. said,”it looks that way.” May 7th I had a burning pain and trouble walking and sitting and driving in the car. It’s never left and only gotten worse but I didn’t break out with the shingles rash till a week ago. I know I’m 62yr old and when I went to get the shot at my check ups they said they would give me an Rx to take to the drugstore and they didn’t know if they were out of it ,too. I said,”tomorrow I will check and tomorrow I will check with the Texas Health Dept. the shot would kept me from getting the shingles but only 60% so I could still get it with the shot. I feel like such a dumbie for not getting it.

  • This is how I feel at the beach and yes, the sound effects are what carry me away…. (green doesn’t do it for me, but I’m glad it does you) hugs, take your 4to1 meds….

  • Hope you are doing well.

  • How are you.
    tumbling_dice’s Xanga Site

  • I failed in the signing . Please read :

  • This made me smile. I wish I were laying out in the grass smiling at the sun! :)

  • heeeellllllooo!!!! my friend~ glad i’m finding some of my old xanga pals still here~ i had wondered if everyone was scattered for good. :) )

    always enjoy your poetic side – just lovely! hope you feeling some better. xo

  • Just wanted you to know you remain in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Sure would like to know how you are doing. Hope you will return one day. :-)

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