October 11, 2013

  • I’m Gonna Need That Recipe

    bench 016

    Wandering in many weeks past the grand opening,
    I am feeling a bit late to the party.

    Confetti and deflated balloons laying about the floor,
    probably not even a piece of leftover stale cake.

    Or those little weenies in cocktail sauce.
    I love those things.

    I’m not really in the partying mood anyway,
    spent most of today under my electric blanket
    recouping from two good days of unpacking and mowing.

    It was easier leaving Watering Hole Ranch this time around
    the right people are in there now.
    I adore this young couple.
    She has an indigo soul and will treat that glorious place as it should.

    They kept the horses.
    I am good with it.
    Plenty of tears, but it is the right thing.

    We placed three of the rescue dogs,
    three more to go, which will leave three here at home.
    Manageable for this weak-kneed body.
    Much wailing (esp over my Yosemite Sami), but it is the right thing.

    Seems I can’t even type her name without bawling.
    Pardon my neurotic.

    It is very different here at the new place,
    no horizons, or
    open spaces.

    but there is beauty,
    things I need
    things that will further evolve me.

    In time, I will know.

    Unpacking is coming along
    but I am determined not to be driven.
    No reason to push it beyond its own pace.

    Or mine.

    Our twenty year old daughters are temporarily crashing the empty nest,
    the reason I am not at this very moment lounging with the Arizona lizards.

    We are helping them to transition,
    they are helping me to reestablish,
    their muscles covering my own physical weakness.

    I am grateful.

    Life is still good,
    just different.

    wild woman signature

    The camera battery is charging. Over the next few weeks/months, I am hoping to give you all a casual tour of the new place and show you the changes we are making. I wrote this post last night, but didn’t publish it until this morning because I could not figure out how to change the size of the photo. Anyone know? That tiny little photo just ain’t tickling my fancy. Now, are you sure there are no more of those cocktail weenies left?

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  • click on the picture you get a full sized image…I learned that all by myself!

    I’m so stinkin excited to see you here!!! YAY US!!!!

    Sometimes the right thing is harder than rocks =(

    I’m going out for cocktail weenies now…and a fresh cake…this is the best party ever!

  • I’m sure the transition will happen and you will embrace the new place. I know how hard it must be to leave things in boxes – I have a drive to unpack after every trip or I don’t rest easy… I’m sure the horses and the canines will all be happy with their new owners/parents. *hugs and cocktail weenies*

  • About photo I think you have the choice between thumnail, average and fill size . But whebn I click on your photo I got full size.
    The page has tourned and a new one is there filled with projects and a lot of new things to come .
    All of my wishes for you,Tamy

  • I still haven’t figured out all the kinks on new Xanga. Hearing about your horses and dogs made me weepy. /hugs

  • I personally throw a handful of confetti to welcome you back! Sorry, there never were any cocktail weenies. New Xanga kind of went off with a pop instead of a BOOM.
    I did not even know that Watering Hole Ranch had been sold, or that you were moved, and it sounds like you ended up in Arizona? Not Oklahoma anymore? I mean I sort of deduced that the change in life plans was what was keeping you away. I’d love to know more but I understand how it is with limited physical ability. Just glad to hear from you.
    As far as changing picture size I have found that I have to click on the photo and then pull from the corner. Let me know how that does for you.

    • I just figured out how to reply to comments through the dashboard! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. We have sold the ranch, but are still living in Oklahoma, about two and half hours from WHR. We felt our youngest daughters needed a bit more transition time. My soul and body still long for Arizona, but my momma heart won out. As winter gains momentum, I am sure I will wish we would have just moved to the desert and made them come with us if they wanted help. hahaha! *turns up the electric blanket*

  • Thanks for your comments about Charlie. I really miss him. He would have been 14 in Jan.
    Elita doesn’t know yet because we told her if he died or we had to have him put down, we would not tell her if she was in school.
    We will tell her when she comes home for Thanksgiving.
    Get some rest lady. Looking forward to see what you do with your new home. :)

  • I’m so glad you’re here. Parties can happen any old time, so any time you’re ready for a big one…. I look forward to your photos!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :D So good to see you back :D

  • Glad to see you back. Take your time, settle in and really get to know your new house. Comeback to xanga when you have time, family and rl should always come first.

  • Lovely photo… Sounds like a difficult transition but knowing you are doing what you need to do will make the changes a bit easier. Good luck. peace

  • Hugs for you, momma. I don’t know how to resize photos either since they’ve switched things up.

  • @JstNotherDay: We are still in Oklahoma, about two and half hours from Watering Hole Ranch. We both felt our two youngest daughters needed some help transitioning, so we opted to stay a bit longer. (not for sure if I am replying correctly, I am really struggling with the xanga 2.0)

  • Am I missing how to reply to comments???

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