August 5, 2013

  • Waiting (edit)

    We have an offer for Watering Hole Ranch waiting on our realtor’s desk.

    He’s not in the office yet, so we do not know if it is anything close to what we need to make a deal.

    These are the folks who have wanted the ranch all along,
    but they have been unable to sell their house.

    She would call and check in on the status of WHR every now and then,

    She even cried when we sold it awhile back.

    She was ecstatic then the deal fell through and saw that we had put it back on the market.

    THIS is who I want to live here in this glorious place.

    Someone who loves it as much as I do.

    I find it funny she works in a veterinarian office.

    She must be an indigo soul like me.

    It would explain the tears she has for this place.

    This glorious place.

    I will update you when I know more.

    Thank you for listening and holding my hand through this never-ending, glorious thing called life. 

    edit: We got the offer. 

    Forty thousand less than the asking price.  (!!!)

    We gave them our bottom price we need to cover the loan and realtor fee adding in furniture options. 

    More waiting.

    Maybe I should have thrown in a chihuahua.

    What’s something you’ve been waiting for?

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  • I haven’t always followed you, but I so enjoy your posts on the WHR. That pic included in this post is so beautiful. I hope that buyer that loves the place gets it. Seems only right. Take care.

  • In answer to your question, I have been waiting for love-There’s more, but I’ll leave it at that.I hope you have another Oklahoma home to go to once you sell the WHR; one you will grow to love almost as you do your WHR.All the best to all of you- from Tucker T + Me(We’re the dog+ woman in CA who adopted one another; I’ve commented before, but not often.)

  • @soltero_alma - You understand, thank you.@Melinda - Of course, I remember you!  It’s so good to hear from you, Melinda!  I hope that love discovers you as you wait.  And yes, we do have another property in mind to downsize into, check it out, if you like.

  • Come through, heart-wonderful buyer!

  • $40,000 less is a lot of less! We could almost buy a house around here for that. Not a great house, but a house!

  • Oh, Tamy — I do hope they can meet your price.  You — and they — have waited so long for this!  My best wishes to you!  (((hugs)))

  • I’m waiting for all of my grandchildren to follow Jesus.  Praying for wisdom for you and the realtor, and for God’s will.

  • lol thrown in a chihuahua. Yikes. Home buying and selling is so stressful. The folks on TV make it look so easy. I had enough stress just getting an apartment! 

  • I hope they can find the money to make a viable offer. It is so nerve wracking to be waiting!

  • I have waited for many things- a good night’s sleep, just one is all I ask. Restoring my relationship with my oldest daughter- I’d forgo the sleep for that one. Or how about the PowerBall numbers? Good luck with the negotiations. 

  • Love waiting – NOT!   Adding a chihuahua might clinch the deal though 

  • Here’s hoping they can increase their offer. And I’m still waiting for my hot flashes to end.

  • Jeez, $40k is about the price of a starter home here. Hopefully you all can work something out.

  • Their is always some thing I am waiting , one things is completed other comes. Thing waiting part become permanent in our life

  • I’ve waited for lots of things. It’s always a good lesson, isn’t it? Patience? It’s hard to wait. Home prices just are not what they were. It’s easier to buy then sell and get what we want. You could throw in the neighbor’s mean chihuahua.

  • UGH. My hubby is waiting for a job. I hope he gets one soon.I hope they come up and you guys can make the right deal!

  • That is some serious low-balling!!  I could see maybe $5,000 less but FORTY!! No way, Jose!I hope a good buyer comes your way because this one doesn’t sound reasonable at all.The longest thing I waited for was to be a mom.  For various reasons it never happened and I kept pushing the deadline in 5 year increments.  Barely made it, as Elita was born when I was still 39 and that Feb. I turned 40, which was my deadline! 

  • @soltero_alma - I bet if the restoration would come, so would the sleep. (((hugs))) I have similar issues.

  • Something I’ve been waiting for?  Health, healing, restorationWishing well on the status of the sale of WHR.

  • @JstNotherDay - Restoration? Is that like the Rapture?

  • @soltero_alma - Hi.  For me, like for you… restoration of family relationships.  If all was well in my family I know I would sleep better.  Balm for the mind, spirit, and soul.  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

  • Tamy, I come back to look at that picture. I imagine myself, laying under one of those trees, just drifting off to sleep. So beautiful, so peaceful.

  • do I REALLY have to get up singing the karoke foreigner song?  REALLY?  actually the short wait this week is to get out to nyc.  I haven’t gone out missioning much of anywhere since 2010  I haven’t the gumption really to meet anyone  I’m having why do I have to invite myself thing going?  but it looks like without fail this is a low budget food mission mecca type thing.  I look forward to treat ranging from white castle to borscht and pelmeni to gnocci.  toss in some nigerianesque food if possible there is after diabetes and only so many meals in a day boo! ;)

  • Don’t they always start out low? Maybe the offer will increase. I know you want someone in there who will love the place. I hope it happens. Good luck! peace always

  • We’re planning on selling our dream home, too, after cleanup and the most needed upgrades. It looks like we could make money on it, which would be very convenient. But there’s no place we have our eye on yet for after.

  • @sonnetjoy - @slmret - @ata_grandma - @leaflesstree - @murisopsis - @Donkey_Guy_10 - @MOM2_4 - @soltero_alma - @Melinda - @armnatmom - @chronic_masticator - @mcbery - @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - @martna1 - @JstNotherDay - @starmanjones - @peacenow - @Roadkill_Spatula - They are wanting to accept our counter offer, but seem to be short on their closing costs/down payment so they are looking into their options.  I hope it works out for them!  The place we want to downsize into, so far, is still available. My git r done spirit has a hard time with slow motion.  Let’s hope I do not self-combust. @Roadkill_Spatula - Have you heard back from the specialists yet and how big of a job it is going to be?  You both have been on my heart. 

  • I’ve got people coming tomorrow to seal the a/c ducts, and the duct-cleaners coming Friday, but I have no idea if the duct sealing will make the ducts cleanable. Once the a/c is clean, it’s a matter of cleaning the house very thoroughly. I plan on painting the kitchen cabinets to suppress some of the musty smell. 

  • i know you would love to see someone moving in behind you that already adored the place~ hoping the negotiations end where everyone involved is happy! waiting stinks. i’d really rather never have to do it. ;) here – waiting on a baby!! would love another one. but…i feel my mother nature time clock ticking away!! :/miss xanga and all my friends here.hope you’re having a fabulous summer!xo

  • @Roadkill_Spatula - Will you be staying in the same area?@grace_to_be - Whee!  Another baby would be glorious, you pretty much rock this mother thing. I love your transparency.

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