July 12, 2013

  • No Need For That Sedative Tonight

    I just put all the canine to bed for the evening. 

    Jack is burying himself under his blankie in the recliner.

    Ralph and Ed are fighting in the background. 
    The episode where Ed is wearing his Captain Video helmet.

    Back when comedians relied on real talent and make you belly laugh,
    even while the sound is muted.

    We got rid of our Dish Net when the kids all left for school,
    it just wasn’t worth it.  We didn’t watch it, other than the History Channel and HGTV.

    I do miss American Pickers, American Restoration and Pawn Stars,
    but it makes it a nice treat while we are on our weekend trips
    and can watch them in the hotel. 

    Am I totally boring you, yet?

    I ordered some new DVDs yesterday.
    I Love Lucy complete series.
    Color Purple.
    Long Long Trailer.
    Ponderosa, season one, prequel to the old Bonanza series.

    I tend to watch the same movies/series over and over.
    I’m a cheap date since I never need to see anything new.
    I make up for it in neurotic chihuahua chew toys.

    I cooked some this week.
    It felt good to be back to the stove a bit, since being so weak.
    Did I just say I missed cooking?

    I do miss having a gas stove and using my cast iron.
    I have one of those smooth top ranges and am afraid it would make a mess of it.

    Anyone ever use cast iron on a smooth top?

    I fried up some corn tortillas for tostadas.
    I could live on tostadas since I gave up tacos,
    because I gave up beef, for now anyway.

    Refried frijoles are my tummy’s friend.

    We are headed to Stillwater tomorrow.
    I’m on the hunt for a vintage camera or two to add to my collection.
    It’s my favorite collection,
    other than my neurotic chihuahuas.

    Got something you collect?

    Hey, wake up!

    I realize I have more than likely put you to sleep,
    but I wanted to tell you good night
    before I hit submit and crawl under my covers
    and drift off to my woodland fairy dream world.

    Good night, you mangy varmints.

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  • One of the things I liked about living in Atlanta was that I had a gas range……..I really miss cooking on it!!   Just got back from taking Scout for a walk…..she had a great romp with a golden retriever and is now pooped!  Think I’ll kick back and crawl under the covers like any self respecting mangy varmint!Enjoy your weekend!

  • First, I LOVE that picture. I need it large and framed in my bedroom. I think it’d make a fantastic headboard. Anyway, do you like the Carol Burnett Show? I watched a blooper reel on pinterest the other day and laughed so hard I was crying. just love it.

  • @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - OMG I LOVE the Carol Burnett Show! The elephant story (seen on youtube) is so stinkin’ funny! 

  • @joyouswind -  that one was IN the blooper reel! They just crack me up!

  • @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - Haha, I was just going to tell Tamy that I’ve been looking into buying the Carol Burnett series.

  • Hi Tamy,  I miss cooking too, and I learned to give up beef several years ago.  I only have an occasional burger now… very occasional.Now you’ve got me wanting some refried beans.I should probably offer to sell you my camera that I never use.  I’m pretty sure it is considered vintage since I got it from grandfather.  Back when I was pursuing my graphic design degree I took photography.  I got use out of it, but never got good at it. I gave up collecting also, long ago… except for the dust that collects in the corners sometimes. Good night and happy dreams you sweet critter.

  • That’s a beautiful shot, Tamy! It sounds like you’re doing well — cooking and all. I’ve had to give up meat too, but can eat chicken and fish (but no beans!) – chicken tacos are a good part of my diet right now!  Stay well — stay cool, and enjoy your trip to Stillwater!

  • Hi Tamy.  That sunny flower is making me smile, along with your commentary.  Love your humor.  We don’t have cable and just watch Netflix.  Since we haven’t had TV in so long,we are easy.  David says it must be a pain when you have to wait a week for the next episode of something   My favorite show to watch over and over is All Creatures great and small.  I love the humor, time frame, animals and characters. Anyway, up late here, so off I go to bed too.  Night

  • I cook with cast iron on a smooth top stove. It doesn’t seem to be ruining the top. (I hope) I feel like a varmit sometimes!  So tired I have to crawl around. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration. I love the old movies too. I have the ‘Long Long Trailer around here somewhere. I need to watch it again. Blessings on your week-end!

  • Stillwater-is that in central Texas? near Salado? hey, well, you know I like old cameras and I used to collect Scottish terriers or cairn terriers but not it makes me sad when I see one cause my Scottie died a few years ago-Lucy.I got your message on facebook!

  • Just stopping in to see how you are doing. Seems like you are doing great and that makes me smile.   (See?)I also miss a gas range; have not had on in aout 13 or 14 years now. In this apt, I have a flat-top electric stove. I have the owner’s manual and it actually says that they “do NOT recommend using cast iron on the stovetop”.I don’t think the people that create stoves actually COOK. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! xoP.S. I collect items that have a sun with a face on them. And postcards. Whenever anyone I know goes anywhere, I give them a few dollars and ask them to bring me back some postcards.

  • I collect magnets from out of state places I visit, the fancy kind mind you other than that, probably more dust than normal

  • I hate my smooth top range.  I can’t wait until I’m able to buy a new stove.  The one I’m using now is around fifteen years old.  It’s time for it to have an unfortunate accident with a sledge hammer.  I miss the gas range I used when I still worked at Bob Evans.

  • I had gas when I lived in South Jersey and I miss it!  This house has the pipe still here but it costs too much to do a reconnect after having to buy a gas stove, so we still have the electric one which is at least 20 years old!I love cooking.  Nothing fancy, but I batch cook and freeze it for future meals and now that I am not working, it really saves.  I catch all the bargains and make it go even further!

  • This is quite a specific and interesting post about the goings-on in your life. :D Mr. OBL just told me he wants a collection of cast-iron skillets. Our relationship with cast-iron skillets has a long and weird history which I can’t repeat here, but suffice it to say, I was all, “why can’t you just use the nonstick?!”

  • This gorgeous flower looks like a red helianthemum.  The energy is radiating . I wish this brings  you confort and health, Tamy. It is sure  that cooking,  will improve the things Love Michel

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