July 5, 2013

  • I Guess Farmy Isn’t a Word

    The chihuahuas and the terrier are all scattered about the recliners while I wash their blankies.  We survived the fireworks.  Cactus Jack spent about twenty minutes taking cover under my bed last night.  He finally wandered over to his own bed, considering that just maybe, the Canine KGB was not actually trying to kill him.  Today, anyway.

    There was a hint of rain this morning, but looks as though it has passed, for the sun is starting to stream through my windows.  It will be good traveling weather today.  We are headed to Ft. Smith, AR to carouse around the downtown, pilfering through their junk stores.  Try a couple new restaurants.

    We made a trial run Thursday/Friday using our youngest son as the ranch sitter.  The ranch part he can handle, it is the two little four pound chihuahuas who give the trouble.  They have deemed him the Devil and refuse to let him touch them.   But, he managed to get them all to bed night before last and released in the morning without anyone dieing from canine heart failure.

    He even called to let me know they were all safely in bed.  I didn’t even ask him to do this for me.  This makes me a little weepy.  He knows me, and my love for these neurotic little beasts. 

    We had a nice two days checking out Pryor and Claremore a bit closer.  The property we are interested in was so charming and hobby farmy.  Love it.  The house has been completely redone inside and out. The only thing we would have to do is remove all the carpet, even though it is new. 

    I discovered the master bedroom has a separate sitting room that will work for my sewing machine and the perfect place to set up the doggie sleep crates.   Little things tickle me.

    The house, dog kennel, horse barn, insulated shop and chicken coop/run are all so clean and organized.  These folks have taken immaculate care of their property.  It’s a good thing, my ocd has declared.   And the in-ground pool, it will be glorious to swim in water without the thought of lurking pee.  Another good thing to empty nest.

    I have been pricing out white vinyl privacy fencing to go around the sides and back of the house so the dogs will not be able to see the neighbors and bark.  Or a salt packet blowing across the yard.  Or nothing.  The property is only five acres, so we want to be good neighbors.

    Have you noticed I am talking like we already own it?  Yes.  I have issues.  But, I have to visually see myself living there and think through the issues.

    No, we have not put in an offer, though we want to.  We are waiting to hear back from the potential buyers who looked at our place a couple days ago.  We were number two (aren’t we always) on their list and they were looking at more properties while they were in state this week.   So we wait.  If we happen to get an offer, we will then go for the little charmy hobby farmy place.

    My Hunky has already come up with a name for our new place, wherever it is.  We wanted to use the same letters as our current Watering Hole Ranch so we could continue to use the metal letters my son-in-law made me. So, using the letters W, H, and R he came up with WILD HOWLING RANCH.  I love it. 

    Though, I am not so sure our potential neighbors will find it so endearing. 

    Okay, I need to get the doggie blankies out of the dryer and get myself ready for the road. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to throw your head back and give a little howl.

    edit: Well, change of plans. Just as we were ready to throw the suitcase into the truck, our realtor called.  The potential buyers want to look at our property again today at 1:30pm.  So, we will just have to leave for our carousing around 3pm, but will stay in Ft Smith another night.  So, it works.  Yes, I might have thrown a teeny tiny mini fit.  Sometimes, my Yosemite Sam gets a bit riled when my plans have to change.  But, it was short-lived and I have slipped back into my pjs to start prepping the house.  Just needs a bit of freshening. Thankfully, the grounds look good. 

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  • I was gonna say “bucolic” but now that I found the context, I’m not sure. I think in your case “farmy” is really the best choice.

  • “Only five acres” made me lol a little.  Five acres is huge to me.  But you has the pretty ponies and a pack of dogs, so I guess from your standpoint it is just an only.    BUT ~ the property is gorgeous.  I’m ridiculously jealous.  I hope you get it.Gran stroked out again last night.  She seems okay for now.  She can still speak, although not very clearly.  She can’t stand or use her hands.  Dad’s at the hospital with her while I wait for the sealant on my new windshield to dry.  At the risk of sounding like a horrible person, it probably won’t be long before I can move away.  A couple months, maybe.

  • Sigh. I so wish we could have gotten together when I was in the Fort Smith area in May. Maybe next time. I have two sisters there and a pack of nieces and nephews, if ever you’re in the area and need a little chaos and a home cooked meal.

  • Praying that they buy your place up! Sounds like a lovely name for your new ranch! Praying you all get the new place you’re looking at. That in-ground pool sounds lovely!My critters have had a rough 3 days due to fireworks. Everyone has been shooting them off left and right around here. I love Ft. Smith area! Hope you guys have a terrific time and find some good treasures! Blessings to you, dear friend!

  • farmy is a perfect word choice and Scout (the polar bear pup) and I will give a howl to get the weekend started……..Enjoy your weekend!

  • “Farmy” is great. “Howling” is perfect!

  • Hey Tamy, I just took a look at the property.  Nice.  That bathtub looked like it had jets… I don’t know about you , but that would be a seller for me… that, and the pool.  Oh, have I been missing my swimming for my aching body.  I wonder if I’ll ever know how it all works out for you.  Wishing the best.   Lynn

  • @rnjennison - I think bucolic is the perfect word.

  • @JstNotherDay - Lynn, do you have my email? 

  • @WildWomanOfTheWest - Just checked… and yep, I do.   It just won’t be quite the same though… e-mailing rather than just being able to read your saga.  Xanga facilitates easy flow of conversations.I’m guessing your people did not arrive at 1:30 as planned?  [edit:  *clocks self on the forehead saying, 'Oh right, time difference'.  ]

  • I am glad I am not a dog person yesterday. Fourth of July is just hectic for the poor dogs.Will xanga still be here after July 15? I don’t know but I will give it a go to help it move on.

  • A second look is always a good sign!! I hope they came and saw and made an offer you can’t refuse! Have fun on your trip!!

  • So glad you get to take your trip without having to wait on me!  After all that time together surely Sami and Josey will warm up to Andrew.  Have a fun time! The new properties sound so lovely. Here’s hoping!!

  • I read this before on my phone but had to come back and look at the house pictures, since those are the best parts of your blogs. “Only” five acres seems like a lot to this apartment dweller whose parents live on a 75X100 foot lot (if that). I like it! I like the trees and the tree-lined drive way. And the kitchen is adorable, the tile is cute! Here’s hoping you sell your place and this is the new Wild Howling Ranch! :)

  • Hope you have a fun trip, find some great junk, and do some howling!!! Ha! I love that new name for the new place!!! “Farmy” IS a word. And so is “ranchy”. Trust me, I know. Continued prayers for you all as you seek and find where you are to be!HUGS!!!

  • I suppose if the neighbors are put off by Wild Howling Ranch, you could call it the WaHoo Ranch and howl while you say it. WaHoooooo! j/k I like Wild Howling much better!I didn’t realize you were so close to Ft. Smith. As you may have surmised, I’ve been there a fair few times for la familia. I wish I could have broken away to see my favorite wild woman.

  • Glad to hear the house sitter got all the doggies snug in their beds!!Hope you get a good firm deal on your property.Wish we had sun here.  On vacation 5 days and rained every day with only a few hours of sun.  Raining now and 73.

  • out of the five only one the basset was the only one who didn’t do well. She was nervous and paced for a while.

  • Just now go around to commenting. Been a rough few days. Love that house! Totally inviting myself to come swim if you get it. Kidding! Mostly… ;)  I hope everything works out exactly as you want and need it to, even if you aren’t sure what you want and need, lol! *hugs*

  • Just me. Just stoppin’ by with some HUGS…Cool HUGS!!!

  • We stopped at a Goodwill store right on the OK – AR line a few years back, I got a Prada handbag for 2 bucks, my girls tell me it’s worth a couple hunnered…even though I don’t carry a handbag I thought it was a great deal….Love the property – do people still pee in the pool  p.s….of course farmy is a word, it just has a red line under it to make sure you know how important it is…

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